Vegan hackathon

Vegan hackathon in Central Europe

Code of Conduct

(May contain sarcasm)

Each day, a moving quote is displayed to the visitor – a quote from a well known celebrity, who is, by sheer coincidence, actually a vegan. The user has to guess who is the source of the quote. The letters in the names will be shuffled randomly, so as to make it a bit more fun (No.). Whether the user is correct or not, we don’t care. The important part is, that after the answer is shown, we display a short info page of the celebrity, highlighting the most important fact (which we all know what it is) accompanied by a veganism related quote and thank the user for the participation AND ask if we can grant him a discount coupon at one of our partners. If the answer if yes, he can download a generated coupon.

Magyar leírás hamarosan…