Vegan hackathon

Vegan hackathon in Central Europe

Code of Conduct

I’m organising a vegan themed hackathon[?] in Vienna, hopefully around late February-early March.

You can participate as an organiser, a software developer, UX designer, graphic designer, system engineer, product manager, geographer or vegan know-it-all.

I’m also looking for animal rights or vegan advocacy organisations who have specific software needs, be it a website or a mobile app, so we will have project ideas for what to work on during the hackathon. Participants can also bring their own project ideas including websites, mobile apps, maps or other visualisations for animal use related data (e.g. emissions) or even educational games.

You can check out the previous event that was held in Budapest on facebook and eventbrite.

You can contact me via email or facebook or mastodon and donate to the project on paypal.