Vegan hackathon

Vegan hackathon in Central Europe

Code of Conduct

The point is to give vegans a platform where they can invite non-vegans to have an encounter of the 5th kind. Humans will receive a vegan meal to try and digest.

If their primitive earthly bodies approve of the vegan nourishment – I hope everyone is getting it by now, that Vega is actually a star – they will live to have a chance to share their (hopefully positive) experience on Facebook. How? Glad you asked!

The user feedback page is generated per meal, for the user who is providing the feedback – get it? FEEDback – and the user can share this page on his page.

But why is this good for the vegans? The user must select a partner NGO they would recommend their friends to donate to, effectively advertising the NGO.

Magyar leírás hamarosan…