Vegan hackathon

Vegan hackathon in Central Europe

Code of Conduct


An app, where you can build your hamburger out of a list of ingredients, but with a twist: for each ingredient you choose, vegan propaganda will be displayed. If you assembled a hamburger – either an evil one or a cruelty free one – you will receive a discount at one of our vegan partners.

The goal is to lure unsuspecting people of the masses into interacting with vegan propaganda and invite them to try vegan cafes, restaurants and alike.


Fred sees a QR code on the subway and scans it right away, without any fear of scam or malware. The app landing page is displayed, where he is informed about the point of the app – well, at least in terms of what he needs to know at this point. Just like every well rounded Homo Eoconomicus, he decides to build a burger in the hopes of receiving a discount, thereby increasing the amount of utility gained by a single unit of expenditure.

As he taps an ingredient, an informative – and not even a bit manipulative – info page will be displayed, where we will give Fred all the things he needs to know to make a free and informed decision on whether he chooses a burger made of suffering and death or a burger made out of love and kindness.

After he’s finished building his Broccoli Burger, we thank his participation and kindly invite him to try a real life vegan burger at one of our partners for a discount. Actually, he receives a coupon even if he build a Bloody Burger, but in that case, we display pictures of colorectal cancer instead of a kindly invite.

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